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Is This A Scam?


Why does everyone assum webcam modeling is a scam?

Webcam Modeling studios and agencies over exaggerate average model income. Majority of the ads you see advertising and other websites you see promoting webcam modeling jobs are studios, or the middlemen, of these large adult entertainment industries. This is how it works:

  • They receive a small percentage of the income earned by the webcam models they hire and train. With that being said some webcam studios/agencies get anxious when posting and claiming that anyone can make $250 - $400 an hour right away with ease.
  • You are capable of making $2,000+ in one week, or make what they claim per hour, but it just takes some time on the webcam modeling network to grow a consistent fan base first.
  • Some webcam models get popular right away and can make that right off the bat, and others it takes time.
  • Everyone is different, you never know. In all honesty, it all depends on the time, commitment, and how good of a webcam model you are.
  • The BEST way how to become a successful webcam model is to treat your modeling career like a normal 9-5, put in the hours, be consistent, bring your stage name to life, and get noticed!
  • When you become a webcam model with Rising Star Modeling, we will do everything we possibly can to get you to be a top performer. Having a professional Top 20 webcam model in the business by your side every step of the way is a great opportunity. Don't pass up being a Rising Star Model. Work with the best webcam modeling agency there is on the net.






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