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With Rising Star Modeling we have webcam models making great money everyday working 4-5 hours. Our new live webcam models make great money per week of working with their first time broadcasting on our network. A lot of new webcam models believe they won't make great income, but this is definitely the opposite way around. New webcam models usually stack in more cash then webcam models that have been working for years on our network. Customers love a new face and a new friendly unique person to chat with. This goes the same for new male webcam models as well. New male webcam models believe this is only a female modeling career, but in all honesty male webcam models make the same if not more then female webcam models. There are so many different categories on our network that anyone can become a webcam model and be successful. You don't have to be sexy, skinny, muscular, or have that absolute perfect figure. Webcam modeling is made for anyone that wants to work, has that unique personality the fans are looking for, and a smile. 


In all reality, anyone can make a great deal of money per week. Your income will increase drastically over time with experience. We always suggest to our new webcam models that you don't get discouraged at the beginning with webcam modeling. A lot of new webcam models love to try it out for only a week or a couple of days then fall off the face of the planet if they don't "get rich quick". Remember, this isn't a get rich quick scheme. It is for some depending on how good of a webcam model you are and how many hours you dedicate yourself to the webcam modeling career, but over time all new webcam models will build a fan base and lots of regular customers. A lot of these customers will wait just for you to get online until they spend any of their money. There are a lot of rich upscale customers that look for Rising Star Models. We want you to be the best webcam model you can be to have these customers come to you very fast. You will make more working for Rising Star Modeling then you will make webcam modeling anywhere else. We give Rising Star Models percentage raises through time unlike other webcam model agencies. Show us you want to work and be successful, and we will gladly return the favor to pay you out more to show you more of the light to being extremely financially happy. 


There are many ways to earn money as a webcam model within our network.


This is when a registered member takes you into a one-on-one session where only they can see and communicate with you. They are paying credits per minute (CPM) to keep the time running. Your job is then to get them to spend as much time possible with you. Customers want you to fulfill their fantasy. This could be anywhere from holding a fun conversations to doing a dance in your favorite clothes! You are able to write your own notes on what they like under the members username. 


Set a description, time limit, and credit goal for the show you want to perform. Registered users in your chat room then have the option to "pledge" credits towards your possible show. If enough of your viewers pitch in credits and the goal is met, the group begins and only the viewers who pledged are able to see you. The live webcam show you perform ends after the time limit you set runs out. If the group credit goal is not met, then members who pledged receive their credits back; unless you accept the amount of credits you have received even if it didn't meet the credit goal to start the show no matter what.


Webcam models can earn money from members voyeuring in on your private shows. They pay less credits per minute to watch the show your giving the original customer. Voyeurs can only see the webcam model and do not have the option to type a message, listen in, or see what the customer/model is typing. This feature is very valuable as it can raise your income in a show by up to 40% for just one voyeur. 


Enabling the party chat function is great to stay busy and bring in as many credits possible in your shift. When the party is started, all registered members can still see your room. When this option is on you are allowed to show more than you can in open chat. You set goals to perform varieties of tasks when you are tipped a certain amount. When members tip, the time limit increases until your party ends. If nobody is tipping then you can either end the party yourself or the time will run out itself and will automatically end. 


At any point in time a member can tip a webcam model credits. Once tipped, you automatically receive those credits and have generated revenue.

VOD (Video on Demand) SALES

Earn money from your recorded private, group, and party shows that lasted 5 or more minutes. Webcam models can manage their VOD's from the performer site and edit the title, description, and CPM rate. Members with credits can purchase your VOD's directly from your profile. 


After you are established as a webcam model on our network and make a certain amount of credits, Rising Star Modeling will give you your own website/fan club free of charge. This gives your fans access to more videos, pictures, and posts that you put up yourself. They pay the credit price you have set per month to keep access to your fan club.


Rising Star Modeling will give webcam models a built-in phone system that allows models to make more money with pay by the minute phone calls! All it takes is adding a phone number, setting the pay per minute rates, and then it's up to the webcam model when their line is on or off. Phone calls are 100% private and secure - customers will NEVER see the model's actual number, and models will only see the extension when receiving calls. 


See where you are ranked on the bonuses page! Want more money? Webcam models can work hard and win even more income this way. There is also a special bonus for new webcam models for the first two weeks broadcasting on our network. 


Everyone loves a model contest and a sale! Our promotions are designed to stimulate customer spending by offering special packages on credits and to reward our Rising Star Models with cash prizes. These cash prizes can range anywhere from $50 - $2000 all yours if you win the webcam model contest for that specific day or time frame that the promotion is going on!! Within our network there is usually 10-12 promotions and webcam model contests that happen every month! Be on the look out for this! Rising Star Modeling also will let Rising Star Models know ahead of time when a promotion will take place. You can also view for yourself here at RSM BLOGSPOT




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